Friday, February 8, 2013

I Appreciate You...

So our baby girl Hannah graduated from the baby suite to the one year old room!!
I honestly can't believe the year has gone by so quickly....

There are eight teachers in Hannah's infant suit at daycare so I needed a budget friendly gift for them.  So with Hannah in tow we headed the store.  I found these yummy smelling candles.

I peeled the stickers off each one and used some WD40 (only thing I had) to get any glue off the glass.
I cut a piece of material I got in the clearance pile at Hobby Lobby.

 Then I tied a piece of gray yarn around the top and....

Here you go! How cute is that!
I put them in a cute little bag and included a note card I printed Hannah's monogram on.
For under $15 a sweet little gift for the wonderful ladies that took such great care of my baby girl.  I struggle with leaving her each morning, but knowing that there are some pretty great people caring for her makes my day a little easier.  The best part of my day is seeing that huge smile and how happy she is when I pick her up every afternoon!

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